Gr. 07 to 09 Writers' Workshop - July 2021

Gr. 07 to 09 Writers' Workshop - July 2021



Grades: 07 to 09
Date: July 05 to July 09, 2021
Time: 1:00pm to 3:30pm EST.

Important Notice:  
Ashbury College will be offering this workshop in a synchronous (virtual) format using MS Teams for audio and video conferencing.   

This workshop is intended for students entering Grade 7, 8, and 9 in September 2021.

The reading/writing connection is the fundamental core of the Writer’s Workshop. In order to write, you have to read. When students fully engage in writing their own texts, they begin to read as writers, looking to discover how other authors craft their texts. How can I make my reader care? What literary techniques will make my writing more interesting? How can I show rather than tell? What makes a piece of non-fiction come alive?

The aim of the Writers’ Workshop is to provide young writers the opportunity to explore the craft of writing, to share their work with others, and to develop greater competency in planning, producing, re-writing, and editing their own and others’ writing. Specifically, students will be challenged to expand their ideas in the revision process, not simply ‘correct’ the previous ones.

The structure: mini-lessons, independent writing, conferencing, and sharing (& publishing) over the course of 5 afternoons.