Grade 10 Civics and Citizenship / Career Studies, Open CHV2O/GLC2O

Grade 10 Civics and Citizenship / Career Studies, Open CHV2O/GLC2O



Grade: 10
Dates: June 23 to July 16, 2021
Timings: 8:30am to 4:00pm EST., with two 10-minute breaks, and a 40-minute lunch
*Note: There will not be classes on Thursday, July 1st due to the Canada Day holiday.

Important Notice:
Ashbury College is planning for in-person (on-campus) learning, following all safety protocols, for this academic credit course, with the caveat that we may have to alter our plans due to the pandemic following guidelines from Ottawa Public Health (OPH). 

Prerequisite: None

CHV2O (Half Credit)
This course explores rights and responsibilities associated with being an active citizen in a democratic society. Students will explore issues of civic importance such as healthy schools, community planning, environmental responsibility, and the influence of social media, while developing their understanding of the role of civic engagement and of political processes in the local, national, and/or global community. Students will apply the concepts of political thinking and the political inquiry process to investigate, and express informed opinions about, a range of political issues and developments that are both of significance in today’s world and of personal interest to them. It is a compulsory OSSD half-credit course. 

GLC2O (Half Credit)
This course teaches students how to develop and achieve personal goals in education and work and how to contribute to their communities. Student learning includes assessing knowledge, skills and characteristics, and investigating economic trends, workplace organization, work opportunities and ways to search for work. The course explores post-secondary learning options, prepares students for community-based learning, and helps them build the capabilities needed for managing work and life transitions. Students design action plans for pursuing their goals. It is a compulsory OSSD half-credit course.

Summer Boarding:
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Dates: Saturday, June 19th to Sunday, July 18th, 2021
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