Grade 09 Geography of Canada, Academic CGC1D

Grade 09 Geography of Canada, Academic CGC1D


Date: June 26-July 19, 2017 
Time: 8:30 am to 4:00 pm

Prerequisite: None

This course explores Canada's distinct and changing character and the geographic systems and relationships that shape it. Students will investigate the interactions of natural and human systems within Canada, as well as Canada's economic, cultural, and environmental connections to other countries. Students will use a variety of geotechnologies and inquiry and communication methods to analyse and evaluate geographic issues and present their findings. This course is a compulsory credit for the OSSD and a prerequisite for further studies in geography.

Due to the unique opportunity provided by summer school learning, students will participate in a variety of field work activities.  Planned activities include a trip to Montreal's Biodome and Biosphere, as well as local trips to Gatineau, Mer Bleue and Hog's Back Falls.  This field work will allow students to study geo-physical and environmental concepts using real world applications.

 To cover the cost of the field trips the course fee will be $1,300.